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Mortice Locks

The mortice lock has been making a comeback in recent years, and will forever be known for the additional security that it can provide to any home. The mortice locks have traditionally featured on old, heavy doors, but are no making there way into the modern home, and are incredibly versatile and functional. Mortice locks are extra secure because they use a pocket on the door frame for structural support.

The locks themselves are often heavy duty, and will help you to keep your home secure for years to come. At The Lock Shop, we have a wide range of Kaba, Gainsborough, and Lockwood mortice locks, featuring a variety of designs and components. You may typically find brass materials with a satin finish, and stainless steel latch bolts, with heavy duty deadbolt locking.

The mortice lock is perfect for anyone with a heavy duty door, or anyone who just likes the old style of locks.