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Looking for the ultimate in access control for your business? Look no further! The Dormakaba C-Lever and C-Lever Compact offer a highly secure, functional and aesthetic solution.
Easily adaptable to most existing commercial mortice locks and master key systems, these units give the ability issue new users,lock out undesirable users, access for key override, set several levels of security throughout a building and much much more. 

The Dormakaba C-Lever is used throughout large office buildings, hotels, schools and high security environments such as government buildings throughout Australia and overseas as well. 



  • Provides enhanced security, as the lock is only activated after an authorised smartcard has been presented.
  • Suitable for many applications in an office and industrial environment, especially office doors.
  • Can be installed almost on any wood, glass or metal surface.
  • Various door handles are available to fit your existing door design.
  • Mechanical override possibility, which can save lives in an emergency.
  • Available with burglary resistant door shield.
  • Available in various technologies, including LEGIC and MIFARE as well as RCID, the latter under the TouchGo brand.


The Dormakaba C-Lever is a commercial access control solution which allows complete control over accessibility and functionality within a business. This product is NOT for residential use. Please do not make any inquiries in regards to home/residential use.